(Update: Due to the increasing number of proposals we are receiving annually, we must ask organizations to wait a FULL year BETWEEN the time of receiving a grant and applying again. That is, if you received a grant in Spring 0f 2019, you may apply again in Fall 2020, (not Spring of 2020).
We are sorry for having to change our policies, but we simply cannot manage the increase in applications. Thank you for understanding)

RFF does not fund medical research or artistic activities. Nor does it make grants to individuals or award scholarships. Although it supports religious organizations that offer social services, it does not fund organizations requiring any religious commitments or participation in religious activities from its clients.

Grants typically range in size from $2,500 to $30,000, although smaller or larger grants may be considered. The Foundation funds only non-profit, charitable organizations as defined by the Internal Revenue Service

The foundation board reviews proposals twice annually. Deadlines for receipt of applications are March 1 for funding through June, and September 1 for funding through December.

Please include ONE copy of your proposal.


I. Proposal Summary - one page maximum

Please summarize the purpose of your organization. Briefly explain why your organization is requesting this grant, what outcome you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if the grant is awarded.

II. Description

A. Background - Describe the work of your organization, addressing the following areas:

1. A brief history and mission.

2. The need or problem, and manner of assistance, your organization works to address, including the geographic area and population that you serve.

3. Current programs, and future projects that are being created.

4. Your organization's role in the community that you serve.

B. Funding Request - Please describe the program for which you seek funding.

1. If applying for general operation expenses, please describe how this would be used.

2. If your request is for funding of a specific project, please explain the project, including:

-A statement of its primary purpose    

- Who this project will serve                 

- The staff and size of the project                 

- Duration of the project

(In the case of transitional housing, please submit all relevant information and details regarding the property, staff, occupancy and function)

3. Please list the foundations, corporations and other sources that you are soliciting for funding and the status of your proposal with each.

C. Evaluation - Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your program and activities. What are the results that you aim to achieve and the duration involved?

III. Attachments

A. Financial Information

Please provide the calendar dates that each document covers.

1. Your MOST RECENT FINANCIAL STATEMENT, audited if available. This statement should reflect actual expenditures and funds received during your most recent fiscal year. Statement may not be more than 18 months old.*

2. Your OPERATING EXPENSE BUDGETS for the current and most recent fiscal years.

3. Your OPERATING INCOME BUDGETS for the current and most recent fiscal years.

4. A list of foundation, corporate and government sources of income for your current and recent fiscal years.

* Please include, in the last completed budget, your BUDGETED Revenue and Expenses, as well as your ACTUAL Revenue and Expenses.

B. Other Supporting Materials

1. A list of your Board of Directors, with their affiliations.

2. A copy of your most recent IRS letter indicating your agency's tax exempt status, or a Board resolution from your fiscal agent.

3. No more than three examples of recent articles about, or evaluations of, your organization, if available.

NOTE: You must provide budgets for your most recently completed fiscal year and for your current year UNLESS you are more than half way through your current fiscal year. In such case you must instead provide the budgets for your current fiscal year and the next fiscal year.

Application Guidelines